Indianapolis Doulas | Frequently Asked Questions
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Postpartum Doulas

How much experience do you have?

Each of us has a different amount of experience, but we are all experts in newborn care and helping families through the transitional time of having a new baby in the household. We are experienced with singletons, twins, and triplets; bottle feeding, breastfeeding, supplementing, and exclusive pumping; sleep training; scheduled parenting and attachment parenting; babywearing; babies with special needs, and more.

What is your parenting philosophy?

We don’t really have a parenting philosophy. We focus on helping you find what works for your family and support you in whatever choices you make.

Will we meet our doula to talk about our postpartum needs?

For those booking services before baby is born, absolutely. You will meet with two doulas who will come to your home for a private consultation, during which you will get to know them, discuss your needs, and come up with a plan for your care. For those needing immediate care, this conversation typically takes place during the first shift.

When do your services begin after birth?

Our services begin as soon as you want them to! We can start supporting you even when you are still in the hospital, although many families wait until they are home.

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Labor Doulas

How much experience do you have?

Between all of us, we have nearly 20 years of experience. Every birth is completely unique, and we adapt to whatever is happening in the moment, whether it’s our first or 100th birth. Learn more about our thoughts on experience.

What is your birth philosophy?

We don’t really have a birth philosophy, because your birth is just that: yours. Our primary goal is to offer truly nonjudgmental support for whatever you decide is best for you and your baby. We aren’t pro or con on any birth topic or intervention; we are just there to support your choices.

Will we meet to discuss our birth plans and how you will support me through birth?

Of course! You will enjoy a private consultation with your doulas after your initial inquiry, and around the time you are 36 weeks pregnant, your will have a personalized birth planning session with one of your doulas and a postpartum planning session with your other doula. This is a chance to ask questions and clarify your wishes for your birth, your newborn, and your postpartum period. Your doulas will also educate you about the standards and protocols of your provider and birth location.

Can I call you with questions or concerns?

You have total access to your doula team from contract signing forward, so feel free to call them with any questions or concerns. Your doulas will also call you regularly throughout your pregnancy.

When will you join me in labor? Will you meet me at home or meet me at the place of birth?

During early labor, your doula will support you by phone. We see this as a time for you to get into a rhythm, and when a partner is present, for the two of you to establish a rhythm together. Also, we do our job best during active labor, which is when contractions get more intense. We can meet you at home or at the hospital; that is totally up to you.

Do you meet with me after the birth?

The doula who attends your birth will come to your home for a postpartum check in, usually within the first few days after you are home from the hospital. She can answer your questions and give you referrals if necessary.

Do you support out of hospital births?

We exclusively support out of hospital births attended by Certified Nurse Midwives Victoria Floyd and Angela Lyttle, of Sacred Roots Midwifery and Birth Center. We do not attend home births or unassisted childbirths.

Do you support births at my hospital?

We support clients delivering at these local hospitals:

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What education and training do you have?

All of the doulas in our agency are professionally trained by qualified training and certifying bodies.

Do you have a backup doula for when you are not available?

Due to the size of our agency, there is no need for a “backup doula.” We offer you a team of doulas for both postpartum and labor support. This team model allows us to accommodate the schedule you are seeking for postpartum care, and our shared call schedule guarantees that one of your doulas will attend your birth.

What are your fees?

There is a flat fee for labor support and placenta encapsulation, and an hourly fee for postpartum support. We have a tiered pricing system for postpartum doula support, dependent on the number of hours booked. All of our pricing, as well as discounts available when booking multiple services, are outlined in detail in the welcome packet, and we are happy to discuss details via phone.

Do you have student doulas or doulas in training that work for a lower fee?

We don’t believe in student doulas. Our doulas are true professionals who are ready to serve you immediately after training.

Do you have references?

You can look at our testimonials, which give you a great sense of how our clients feel about us. And if you’d like to speak directly with a former client, we can arrange that as well.