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Indianapolis Doulas dad and baby

Fathers in the Delivery Room

I want to start out by saying I know and respect that their are all different types of laboring people and partners but for this blog post we’re specifically talking about cis gendered dads and couples.  LGBTQ+ have their own stories and their own obstacles in birth that we can cover another time.  

You are becoming a father possibly for the first time.  You want to care for the mother of your child and keep them as safe as you can.  But the only catch is birth is very unpredictable.  You just can’t know what’s going to happen.  You do know the mother of your child is probably going to be feeling pain and that worries you.  How are you going to fix it and help her be comfortable?  If a doula is there where is your place?  Where do you fit in?

This is the day you are going to become a father.  You deserve to be supported and cared for too.  You deserve the space to process the experience.  To feel the feelings you have about becoming a father and watching the mother of your child go through one of the most powerful experiences of her life.  That’s not easy.  It’s hard watching someone you love go through something without any tools to fix it.  Leaving you feeling helpless and out of control.

My role as your doula is to support the entire family as you transition into an even bigger unit.  It’s my job to facilitate oxytocin to help with pain relief and help the two of you to feel more connected and more in touch than ever before.   When she’s struggling through a contraction we can direct you to hold your partner in your arms while we push on her back to help with some pain relief.  The two support people working in tandem together.  When there are medical interventions you are unsure of we can help clarify and answer any questions either of you have.  Leaving you both feeling confident and in control.

This is the day you’re going to hold your baby for the first time and look into their perfect little face and count their perfect little fingers and toes.  You deserve a birth experience that leaves you feeling ready and capable of being the father you always wanted to be.   Hiring a doula is the insurance plan to make sure that’s exactly the experience you get.  You’re not a bystander you are an active member of the birth team and deserve to have the best day of your life.   

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