Indianapolis Doulas | Sleep Coaching for Families with Babies
Let us help craft a family sleep plan that works with your parenting ideals *and* takes into account what is reasonable to expect from your baby/child developmentally.
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Baby sleep training in Indianapolis

Sleep Coaching for Families with Babies

Everyone we talk to wants help with one thing–sleep! Because everyone knows that if the baby isn’t sleeping, the parents probably aren’t either. And being that tired is basically the worst.

Guess what? Indianapolis Doulas is now offering sleep coaching!

What is sleep coaching?Baby sleep training in Indianapolis

Families who need help getting their baby/babies to sleep can work with our sleep coach–a certified postpartum and infant care doula who is also a baby sleep expert. With her help, parents learn to shape their baby’s sleep habits so that bedtime is easier, middle of the night wakings diminish, and longer sleep stretches develop.

How will you know what our baby needs?

Our sleep coach will talk with you about your baby’s current bedtime, naps, and problem areas.  She will also talk with you about what is most important to you as parents, as that varies from family to family. Armed with this knowledge, she will craft a family sleep plan that works with your parenting ideals *and* takes into account what is reasonable to expect from your baby/child developmentally.

Can we hire a sleep coach if we…

are breastfeeding? Of course! We are huge supporters of breastfeeding/chestfeeding, and we will support your nursing relationship every step of the way. It is possible to get more sleep for yourself and your baby even while exclusively breastfeeding!

have twins? Absolutely. We will come up with a plan that is workable for you and both of your babies.

don’t believe in “crying it out” (CIO)? Sure you can! When babies are learning to put themselves to sleep, it is normal for them to protest. That protest comes out as–you guessed it–crying. We will help you learn to listen to your baby’s cries to figure out what they need–whether that is to learn how to work it out, to be patted on the back, to be fed, and so on. We will also talk about your comfort level with the amount of crying and make adjustments from there.

The best thing about our sleep coaching service is that we personalize it for what you and your family need. We can help with:

  • long bedtime routine (hours of rocking, nursing, etc)
  • no bedtime routine
  • no naps
  • short naps
  • night wakings
  • early morning wakings
  • chronic overtiredness
  • twins and multiples
  • and more

So if you want more sleep, and you want it now, call us!! We can get you set up with our sleep coach ASAP and your whole family will be better rested.

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    Posted at 14:12h, 23 April Reply

    Oh my I could use your advice!!

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