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Our relationships with clients mean the world to us. Here’s what people have to say about working with Indianapolis Doulas.

Postpartum Doula Support

I called in the doulas when I was diagnosed with PPD/PPA and from the moment I called, I felt totally supported. They told me, “We can be there this afternoon if you need!” Every experience made clear that the doulas’ first priority is getting mom what she needs.


I have been meaning to write a testimonial for Arica for some time now, and every time I have a free minute to do it I feel like I need more time because I need to write the most glowing review about the most wonderful woman who changed my life!

I called Indianapolis Doulas on a desperate whim after being up night after night with a fussy newborn. My husband was going back to work and I realized I needed help, immediately! I had no idea what to expect on my first night of having an overnight postpartum doula, all I knew was I needed a break. When Arica rang my doorbell I was a nervous wreck, but I trusted my gut and I am SO happy I did. She was the most helpful, kind, funny, sweet, understanding person I could have hoped for, and we hit it off immediately. She was amazing with my daughter and so much more, we called her Olivia Pope- she got everything done!

She was exactly what we needed, when we needed it and I am so grateful for the help she provided. If you’re on the fence about a postpartum doula- don’t be, it’s the best call you can make for yourself and your family!!


My biggest concern after having our second daughter was making sure my toddler adjusted to the new baby while still finding time to bond and we got so much more than that. Elisabeth and Emily made it so I had someone to talk to, who understood and validated everything I was feeling, helped with feeding tips and support, and played with my toddler so I could snuggle with the baby. We were able to eat dinner as a family and keep bedtime semi-routine with their help while we adjusted to our new normal. Elisabeth was there the day after we came home from the hospital and helped get our house in order, washed a ton of bottles and pump pieces, made sure we had food, and laundry was done. This was such a big help, and let me spend time with both girls as we adjusted to being a family of four. I would look forward to the days Emily was at our house – I and someone to talk to, she validated what I was feeling and really made the transition so much easier.


I hired Indianapolis Doulas for postpartum care after my second daughter was born. In the weeks that followed my husband and I received amazing support and care as we adjusted to being a family of four with very busy schedules. Having a postpartum doula helped us to really enjoy our family and new baby and took away to stress of little logistics like bath time, dishes, meal prep, and picking up the clutter that accumulates when you’re getting less than 3 hours of sleep at a time. I cannot recommend theses ladies highly enough!!


You were so helpful to our family. Every time I had an issue come up related to my baby or myself in the postpartum period, you were right there to help support me and give me helpful resources if needed. I knew I could talk to you without any judgement. You were also really helpful around the house. I didn’t have the confidence to dive in and take care of a new baby, toddler and the house at the beginning but you helped me get to the point that I can do those things without getting overwhelmed.

There are so many things that I enjoyed about working with you but my favorite part was that I always knew that I would have someone to talk to and help me who wouldn’t judge me but support me in my postpartum period.

Thank you for all you did for us. You became like family to me in the three months we spent together. I feel like a more confident woman and mother since we began our journey together. You have truly helped me grow to become a better person.


Thanks Indianapolis Doulas for helping us transition our triplets from the NICU to home! It was a crazy week, but with your help I was able to get some rest and a shower (very important) knowing my babies were well cared for…thanks for everything! And a special thanks from L, M and J!


I cannot say enough good things about Indianapolis Doulas. Elisabeth, Emily, and Arica were our postpartum team. They kept me sane after our twins arrived, took care of the whole family, and became part of the family. They offer non-judgmental support and amazing resources. I love them all.


I am a birth doula, a childbirth educator, and a mom. The moment I knew I was pregnant with my second baby, I called Indianapolis Doulas to set up birth doula services. I was fortunate enough to have Colleen Downey as my birth doula and postpartum doula as well.

Colleen is very easy to be around, and “says it like it is” yet somehow optimistically. She helps people feel both validated in their struggles, yet capable of meeting or exceeding their challenges. She is a warm and honest person who is true to her authentic self in a way that gives others permission to be honest and authentic as well.

When someone hires Indianapolis Doulas, they can expect to receive the level of communication and care that is most appropriate for them. They will call or text to check in, ask the right questions to get the information they need to serve you best, and ask those questions in a way that is friendly and comfortable—not confrontational. They are dedicated to providing excellent service to each client and are mindful about how “excellent service” might vary from family to family.

Through my pregnancy and post-partum journey, there were so many ways that Colleen supported me. She was a very good listener and was quick to validate my feelings without judgment. She refrains from giving unwelcome advice, which is invaluable during the birthing year. After my daughter was born, Colleen’s availability to listen and share gentle feedback really helped me to sort through some issues my husband and I were having while adjusting to life as a family of four. Her regular postpartum visits helped me to feel comfortable prioritizing my own health and well-being while also giving me the instrumental support to do so by entertaining my older son, holding my daughter while I took a shower or got some much-needed alone time, fixing lunch for all of us, and doing a round of dishes – all this without needing much direction or guidance. It’s small stuff, but all together it added up to a much better over-all experience and higher confidence while navigating this new chapter of life.

I would (and do frequently) recommend Indianapolis Doulas.


Colleen was our birth doula and she was a rockstar! We had a planned homebirth, but when circumstances changed our plans she was right there with us in the hospital doing her thing. I seriously could not have made it through without her calming and supportive presence. She brought out strength in me that I didn’t know I had and also supported me in every decision I made.

I didn’t originally use Indianapolis doulas immediately postpartum, but when my little guy started having some scary episodes with reflux at 7 weeks that landed us in the hospital, the agency had a doula out the day we got home (same day I called). Were were able to work out a package with the agency that was perfect for our needs from there.

I cannot express how much gratitude I feel for these doulas in how much they helped me through such a difficult time when I felt so scared – they reassured me and gave me and my family the exact support we needed. Not only did they help clean our apartment and watch our baby while we got some much needed sleep, but they were there when I just needed someone to talk to. Just the company, having someone who has been there and understands, means the world as a new mom!

In short – Hire these doulas!! You will not be disappointed! They are everything that you didn’t even know you needed and more!


Placenta Encapsulation

I suffered with postpartum anxiety after having my first child, and I wanted to do something differently after having my second. Colleen from Indianapolis Doulas encapsulated my placenta for me in my own home right in front of me, while explaining the process. I was also able to ask her about anything, and received breastfeeding and pumping advice, which I appreciated. My son is now five months old and I have not experienced the postpartum anxiety that I did with my first, so I recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone who asks me about it! We would like to have a third child in the future, and when we do, I will contact Indianapolis Doulas again.


We used the placenta encapsulation services for mood support and to help with breast milk supply as this had been low with my first daughter. 24 hours after I began taking the placenta capsules, my milk supply doubled. Also, after I finished my capsules, my supply decreased again. I also did not experience the severe postpartum anxiety I did with my first daughter. Colleen was so friendly and informative, and came in to do her work very respectfully without disturbing our routine. We loved her and would definitely use Indianapolis Doulas again!


Before I had my baby I researched placenta encapsulation and was looking for someone in the Indy area that would be able to come in my home and provide the encapsulation service. I met with Colleen who explained the process and answered all of my questions before I went into labor. The night I got home from the hospital she met me at my house and got started! (It was a no-mess, sterile process.) She was a great wealth of knowledge to me and my hubby as first time parents. The pills were a great way to give my body the needed nutrients it lost during delivery, helped increase lactation and prevented me from getting the baby blues. I highly recommend all expectant women to try the placenta encapsulation!


I’ve bounced back so much faster this time around both physically and emotionally. I feel like myself and don’t feel blue like i did last time. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I did it!


I hired Indianapolis Doulas for placenta encapsulation. Colleen was professional and very knowledgeable. She came to my home and allowed me to be a part of the process. It was a very unique and fulfilling experience.


Sleep Coaching

Elisabeth and her team were great. They helped my wife and I tremendously with sleep training. We honestly couldn’t have done it without them. Elisabeth was so knowledgeable about the different stages of baby growth and the accompanying behaviors. We couldn’t get our baby to sleep in a crib and now she sleeps like a champ. Elisabeth was a soundboard to bounce ideas off and a therapist at times! We felt very at ease with Elisabeth and the whole process. Definitely worth the money, and I would recommend them if you have need some help sleep training your little one.


When Elisabeth asked me to write this testimonial, I was more than happy to do so.  The sleep situation with our son before we enlisted Elisabeth’s help was a total disaster.  My wife had severe postpartum depression with psychosis, so for the first few months of his life, it took the help of several family members to get through the day, but at night, he seemed to sleep fairly well in his rock and play.  Then Liam turned 4-months old.  Not only was he getting too big for the rock and play, but he hit a major sleep regression, coupled with teething and ear infections.  My wife read several books and articles on sleep training and consulted some friends and our pediatrician.  Overwhelmingly the suggestion was that we try the cry-it-out method.  So, around 4 months old, we tried a modified cry-it-out method by ourselves.  We gave it two nights and both were disasters.  My wife who was still very much struggling with postpartum depression, couldn’t handle the crying and it was hard on me too.  My wife wanted to find a sleep consultant at that point, but the only one we found charged $3500.  We couldn’t afford that.

So we decided that my wife and Liam would sleep in our bed together while I slept on the couch.  That arrangement kind of worked, but none of us were getting quality sleep.  Then around 7 months, Liam started waking up more and more frequently during the night and it took more and more to get him back to sleep.  One night, Liam was waking up every 45 minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore so I told my wife to find a sleep consultant.  A friend recommended Indianapolis Doulas to us and my wife reached out to Elisabeth.  We had a video conference and we came up with a sleep plan and talked about our concerns.  I thought what Elisabeth had to say made sense and I could tell my wife was already feeling relieved just knowing there was help on the way.

When we had our overnight with Elisabeth, we were both nervous.  We decided to let Liam cry it out and we were prepared for a rough night.  My wife still has a really hard time hearing Liam cry so I was glad Elisabeth was there for her too.  We put Liam to bed that first night and he cried for 16 minutes.  Elisabeth coached us through the whole time, keeping my wife and I preoccupied by explaining what each cry meant.  We were glad Elisabeth stayed the night with us as a backup, but we didn’t need her – Liam slept through the night all on his own the first night.  We have been doing this for two weeks now and the results are amazing.  Once we put Liam to sleep for the night, we have 3 or 4 hours to do whatever we want.  We have slept, cuddled and watched TV, cooked dinner, done chores – whatever we want.  Our relationship is doing better and we are happier around our son.  Now when we put liam to sleep, he usually cries anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes, but averages around 8 minutes.  It can still be hard to hear him cry, but we support each other through it.  We have implemented a napping schedule and that has also been as success.  We know that we can reach out to Elisabeth for help if we need it, and that is comforting. 

Having Elisabeth as a sleep coach was the best money we’ve ever spent.  Our son gets ample sleep, we get ample sleep, and we’re all happier for it.  Yes, we knew how to sleep train our son, but it was the support and coaching the Elisabeth provided that we needed.  She was the calm in our storm – the beacon that let us know it would all be okay.


Sleep training our twin boys was the best decision we have made in their first 6 months of life! At first, we were skeptical about the idea, but since we weren’t getting any sleep we were desperate. The boys were both waking up a few times a night (at different times) before we started the sleep training. The boys are now sleeping 7 to 7 only after 4 days! Could not be any happier with Elisabeth and the Indianapolis Doulas!


We needed help with finding a way to get our baby to sleep. Elisabeth came and set us straight! Our daughter is eight months old and bedtime was a huge ordeal that often left all of us in tears and/or extremely frustrated. Three visits with Elisabeth and our daughter now sleeps. Elisabeth helped us come up with a plan that we were comfortable with and helped us implement it. We had tried a lot of things ourselves, but nothing was working. Having someone come into our home and look at our situation objectively has been a life saver!

Edited to add: We’ve been able to work our family sleep plan on our own. We both feel like we have our sanity back. Our daughter was asleep in less than ten minutes tonight, about 2 1/2 weeks since we’ve started, with minimal crying. I think that Elisabeth trained us more than she trained our daughter, but we needed it. haha. We are thrilled with the results and the support we have received after the initial visits!


Birth Doula Support

We had wonderful support from Kindra and Colleen. They were so knowledgeable, kind and caring, trustworthy, and available. As first-time parents, we appreciated Kindra’s attendance during labor and delivery to help us be our own advocates and feel comfortable with what was happening, to remind us about and help with comfort measures, and to allow my husband to feel okay if he needed to get food, rest, etc. Even though we had done tons of research and taken the baby / labor preparation classes available through our hospital, talking through the birth plan and postpartum expectations was very helpful for us in feeling prepared and less nervous. Both Kindra and Colleen were incredibly supportive, honest, and realistic about labor and postpartum challenges. Kindra had exactly the calm, encouraging, down-to-earth, knowledgeable demeanor we needed during our difficult labor and birth. Colleen is the reason I am able and willing to pursue my breastfeeding goals. Both went above and beyond our expectations, and while we debated for a long time about whether to use a doula service, we said multiple times how hiring Indianapolis Doulas was the best money we had spent for the baby. If you’re having a baby shower/s, I recommend using a universal registry like Baby List and listing contributions toward doula services as a gift option!


Hands down, Indianapolis Doulas was worth every penny. I went along with hiring Elisabeth and Kindra as that’s what my wife wanted and the whole pregnancy/child birthing is more her experience. My wife had to be enduced and was not happy about it even though she understood the medical reasons. I did not know how to make her feel better so I reached out to Elisabeth directly for help. She provided support for the both of us and met us at the hospital during check-in to ensure we were ok. It wasn’t until my wife was in labor that I quickly realized that Elisabeth was not just a resource for my wife, but also for me. I attended all of the lamaze and labor/delivery classes with my wife and all of that knowledge went out the door in that hospital room. Elisabeth took control of the room, coached my wife and me (get her some water!), and was a calm element in a hospital room filled with intensity. On the way home from the hospital, I told my wife that I had no idea how much support Elisabeth would provide to me. Indianapolis Doulas will be one of our first phone calls when my wife is pregnant again.


With all of the decisions that need to be made when pregnant, hiring Indianapolis Doulas was one that we never second guessed. From my first phone call with Elisabeth at 22 weeks to Colleen at our house for placenta encapsulation, Indianapolis Doulas have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring, supportive, and overall, a complete joy to work with. Elisabeth and Kindra provided prenatal support that I didn’t even know I needed and re-routed my “I don’t really like my doctor and it’s making me not excited about this” experience to being overly excited and prepared for the journey we were on. Our prenatal meetings were a blast, and Elisabeth and Kindra thoroughly answered all of my questions (and there were a lot!). They taught me how to collect my thoughts to ensure my questions/concerns were communicated effectively to the doctors and nursing staff. They instilled confidence in me and my wishes. They were AMAZING when my birthing plan didn’t start on track and were incredibly supportive about explanation that we can still get things back on track, just let the process unfold. I would not have as many positive things to say about the last two weeks of my pregnancy, labor and delivery, if Elisabeth wasn’t there with us. No matter what your birth plan, every woman should consider hiring Indianapolis Doulas. My husband is amazing and supportive, we attended a lot of classes and read books, but when it was game time, he had no idea what to do and neither did I. We would have both been lost without Elisabeth.


Having Colleen and Emily to talk to and ask questions throughout my pregnancy was invaluable. Not only are they full of knowledge, but they are so easy to talk to and became fast friends. I was unexpectedly induced immediately following my 40-week appointment because of low amniotic fluid, and even in that unexpected situation Colleen guided me through. Without Colleen by my side during labor, I feel like I would have lost myself, especially because it was unintentionally a natural labor process up until the very end, and, naturally, I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. I also opted for placenta encapsulation post-birth and am so glad I did, not only for the benefits it provides, but for the extra time I got to spend talking with Colleen and asking questions as a new mother as to what to expect in the first days after having my son. You will be supported in ways you may not have realized you needed.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about the support and encouragement I’ve experienced working with Indianapolis Doulas! I pursued Single Mother by Choice and I felt really great about deciding to have a doula at the hospital with me. The pre-planning was so helpful, my birth experience was wonderful, and the post partum hours have been an amazing help. I have also enjoyed their friendship and being able to ask questions or receive an occassional pep talk when needed in this journey…because parenting can be hard.  I also chose to encapsulate my placenta and I have felt energetic, rested, and happy, so I think it was well worth it. I give them my HIGHEST recommendation!


When our first child was born, my wife had a difficult labor and my son was put under a great deal of stress. The moment he entered the world a swarm of people took over the L&D suite. Medical jargon seemed to be echoing from every corner of the room. I stood in the eye of the storm, completely overwhelmed by what swirled around me. In those moments, I felt alone, physically and emotionally torn between my wife and son, both of whom were exhausted and scared. It was the most helpless I’ve ever felt.

When we found out we were pregnant again, that all came rushing back. My wife mentioned hiring a doula to help her navigate the experience. I welcomed the idea of someone being there to support her in a way I knew that I couldn’t. The anxiety of my son’s birth had stayed with her and hung like a dark cloud over this second pregnancy. Although we knew a doula didn’t guarantee a different medical outcome, having an experienced coach in the room was really important to her. I was content to know that at least she could find some much needed support. But then something surprised me. It wasn’t how well my wife was cared for and she was. It was how much Elisabeth (our doula) would end up enriching the entire experience for me as well.

She was my advocate, reminding me of what was next, easing fears over uncertainty and encouraging me when needed. She empowered me to be a better partner, providing an outlet for my occasional worry that didn’t burden my wife. She ultimately helped me find my place in the labor room and it wasn’t one of helplessness but purpose. While no massive storms arose during the birth of our daughter, I felt prepared to weather it.

We’re probably done having kids (at least we think so), and if this is the close of that chapter of our lives, Elisabeth has a special place in those last few pages.


Indianapolis Doulas were more than I could’ve hoped for. From the check ins between prenatal visits, to venting about pregnancy frustrations to finally delivering – my Doulas were there for me. As a second time mom, I knew what I did and did not want out of my labor and delivery and my team was supportive of each and every thing on that list. When I went into labor, having someone to assure me that it was ok to head to the hospital was nice. It was also amazing the support and that I received while in active labor. Not having to think about the next step or what to try to relieve the discomfort was amazing. It helped me to be able to focus solely on meeting my baby and kept my mind focused on moving through each contraction. I am so thankful for the fact that when we needed help advocating for ourselves, we had it. I also loved the fact that my decisions regarding the labor and delivery were wholeheartedly respected and encouraged. I could not have had a more positive and beautiful labor and delivery, thanks to the support of my doula!


I loved having the support of my doula team. They do more than just offer support during birth. They helped me choose an OB, helped me know what to ask my doctors, offered labor support, listened to me and help me process my birth experience after a very unexpectedly complex birth, and help me with breastfeeding difficulties. I would definitely recommend them.


Elisabeth’s support during labor and the birth of our daughter made me feel confident and much less fearful than I might have been. She tag-teamed with my husband to massage me through contractions, and worked closely with my OB to enhance my comfort and position me in ways that would help turn the baby (successfully!). The way she worked with – rather than against – the nurses and doctors was incredibly comforting for me. I would absolutely recommend Indianapolis Doulas!


I felt like you guys were very proactive in reaching out to me during my pregnancy to check in as well as once I started having preterm labor. I really appreciated Arica reaching out to both me and my husband to see how things were going. I feel like Arica provided amazing, non-judgmental support during the entire labor and delivery. My mom and sister (who had a previous bad experience with a doula at my sister’s birth) both also commented about how wonderful she was. And I’ll never forget her leaning over to me while I was recovering and saying “dude, you just rocked the SHIT out of your birth!” I felt like a superstar. 🙂

Liz & Chris Miller

Elisabeth’s support throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy was so helpful. She really helped us manage our emotions as we adjusted to a medically necessary c-section after we had planned for a natural home birth.


Having a doula during our cesarean birth was wonderful and added to the positive experience overall. I would highly recommend Elisabeth as a birth partner, no matter what direction your birth experience may take you. Her support—before, during and after—is a huge part of why our experience was so wonderful!


Elisabeth was truly dedicated to helping my wife and I have the best birth experience possible.


I will forever be grateful for Colleen. She helped me have the birth stories I longed for with both of my babies. I don’t know what we would have done without her.


The most important thing I gained from hiring Indianapolis Doulas was reassurance–reassurance that I would have the support I needed during labor if my husband needed to focus his attention on our 4-year-old son. Because I was planning a homebirth and wanted our son to be able to participate, I knew that my husband may feel stretched too thin. After discussing our birth plan with our doula team, I felt especially confident that we were in good hands. They understood that I wanted a family-centered experience, and I felt certain that they would do nothing but complement the support of my husband. As it turns out, I was in active labor for only about an hour–much too short for our midwife or doula to make it for the birth! Lauren arrived shortly after the birth and was wonderful. She helped me replenish with drinks and food, and she helped us get off to a great start with breastfeeding. Our postpartum visit with Lauren was also excellent. She once again listened to me tell the birth story, checked in on our breastfeeding journey, and even brought muffins.


Colleen and Elisabeth were my birth doulas for the birth of my second son. They brought out strength that I didn’t know I had and were unwavering in their support for me. I wish I had known them for the birth of my first. They are amazing women and I am so thankful for them and their presence in my birth.


We first interviewed Colleen because she does placenta encapsulation, after meeting with her, she also seemed to be a great fit as our birth doula.

I am not always comfortable around new people, but both Colleen and Elisabeth were easy to talk to. They seemed like helpful, knowledgeable old friends.

When my home birth turned into a trip to the hospital to get induced I prepared myself to mourn the loss of the birth I wanted and to accept that an epidural might become necessary. Colleen gave me confidence that I could still have control of my birth. Her presence and advice helped me have an epidural-free birth like I wanted. With her help we had a better hospital birth than I thought possible.


I loved the fact that my husband and I got to know both Elisabeth and Colleen through the process. I felt really comfortable with both of them–it was a great setup, especially compared to other doula services I researched. And they are really generous with the wealth of information, contacts, and experiences they both have. They not only helped me through pregnancy, labor and delivery, but they also connected me with breastfeeding and other postpartum services.

The prenatal meetings were really productive, fun, and calming. There were about two weeks during late pregnancy that I was anticipating having to have a cesarean due to a breech presentation, and I was freaking out a bit. My meeting with them made me feel so so much better about the situation. They let me know the kind of support they could offer, which was a whole lot more than I thought. They assured me that I could still have a calm, focused birthing experience and that they would help me start breastfeeding and get skin to skin contact as soon as possible after surgery. They also did a good job making sure that we got to know each other by asking really good questions and being incredibly open and warm. They are both recent mothers themselves, which made it very easy for us to relate to one another.

Of course the birth was my very favorite part, though! Labor started very quickly and everything went so much faster than I though it would. Colleen got to the hospital in a flash–my son was born just 45 minutes after we walked into triage! She was so sweet and supportive. She really helped me to focus through a non-medicated delivery and encouraged me to use the Hypnobabies cues I had been practicing. It was a really positive experience.


Colleen was an absolute gift to our birthing experience. She provided support for us as we planned for a home birth and helped prepare us for a c-section when we had to transition to the hospital. It was a scary time but Colleen remained upbeat and gave us lots of good information that eased the pain of not having the home birth. Afterwards, she provided post-partum care which was simply amazing. The doulas in this agency are in great hands with Colleen at the helm!


Elisabeth was everything to us during an unexpectedly long birthing experience. Hiring Elisabeth was one of the best things I did to prepare for childbirth. Her postpartum visit was also super helpful! Thank you for helping us through a difficult and amazing experience!


Colleen was our doula for the birth of our daughter. We actually hired her because I really needed some emotional support during my Wife’s labor. Colleen offered truly unbiased and loving support during a critical time for us.


Although I had no illusion that any birth plan is followed to the letter, I couldn’t believe that everything went as perfectly as it did.  I absolutely had the birth experience I could only dream of, and I believe Colleen was instrumental in making that happen.  Whatever kind of birth you hope to have, I highly recommend Colleen Downey!